슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 The Return of Superman Episode 46 (2014.10.19) ~ “Raising Kids Makes Life a Joy”

The twins have fun playing with their uncle and enjoying games playing with things they can feel with their hands. In particular Seoeon, who really doesn’t hold back. The triplets taste delicious corndogs after a long day of play experiencing things that even scare them. Haru and Tablo head to the sauna for fun and memories. Though she’s too old now to enter the male changerooms, kind neighbors help out so that they can have fun. We also find out why Haru loves fish so much. Sarang’s family make kimchi. And grandpa shows why he’s a top father-in-law.

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연애말고 결혼 Marriage Not Dating 
Life is full of unexpected surprises
The worst comes to you with the best
Indeed, life is full of surprises
The worst comes with the best
But we can get through life…
…because sometimes 
the best comes with the worst.
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연애의 발견 Discovery of Romance has ended… TT_TT
Final Episode ~ There is no love that doesn’t end…. 

All the promises in love are truthful
but there is no one who is willing to keep that promise
even after the love is over
The expiration date on the promise is until the love is over
Romance is reality, not drama.
The one who dumped someone gets dumped, too.
The one who got dumped dumps someone else, too.
Everyone is a bit mean to each other.
Everyone hurts each other a bit, 
Everyone is consoled by each other a bit.
Romance is part of life, so things happen.
Someday, this love will end, too.
There is no love that doesn’t end.
But if you don’t believe that it will last forever
then we’ll never be able to hold hands.
The climax of romance has already passed for us.
We’ll just live and argue over nothing now
I think I like that better now.
Too many episodes & moments in this drama that I simply luv, but I guess the poignant one would be in episode 11 when Kang TaeHa cannot get over losing Han YeoReum again….
When one realised that you may have lost your Soulmate even though you seem so perfect for each other…. you try to be strong, but yet you can’t seem to even live thru each day without missing the person over & over again….
You don’t need to be right all the time
It’s okay for you to be bad
You don’t live your life to hear good words from other people
When you think hard about your heart…
you can look into someone else’s heart, too.
Some people are born to get through it alone
If that’s my life….
then I have no choice but to get through it alone